Driven hunt in Poland

Driven hunt is certainly the most exciting hunting experience a hunter can have. When you stand at the position and a group of beaters pushes the game on the hunting line with the sounds of barking dogs, all this can evoke real hunting emotions. Moving closely the row of beaters and their numerous dogs pass through the forest and thickets and the frightened animals are headed straight for the line of hunters. It can really create an exciting experience and a great hunting gives you an opportunity to shoot a lot of game. The excitement and adrenaline levels are almost unprecedented. You experience a real hunting ecstasy when you start to hear the screams of beaters and barking of their dogs from a distance, then it gradually becomes louder and louder, and the shots begin to sound and suddenly the game comes at you ……….

We organize professional driven hunts. Expeditions are tailored to the individual needs and requirements of hunters who use our services. Our priority is customer satisfaction and adjusting the offer to customer expectations.

  • We use lump sum or price-list settlements.
  • The hunting period in Poland lasts from October until January 15th.
  • Recommended hunting time: 3-4 hunting days

Hunting areas:

For driven hunting we recommend following areas:

  • Hunting Association  Szarak Warszawa
  • Hunting Association  Trop Szczecin
  • Hunting Association  Szarak Lubiszyn
  • Hunting Association Zubr Szczecin
  • Hunting Association  Darz Bor Milicz
  • Hunting Association Dab Rogowo
  • Hunting Association  Sokol Szczecin
  • Hunting Association  Knieja Witnica
  • Hunting Association  Jelen Chojna
  • Hunting Association  Knieja Goleniow
  • Hunting Association  WKŁ Orzel Koszalin
  • Hunting Association  Cyranka Swidwin
  • Hunting Association  Tumak Swinoujscie
  • Hunting Association  Cyranka Trzcinsko-Zdroj
  • Hunting Association  Wilk Koszalin
  • Hunting Association  Diana Sulechow
  • Hunting Association  Rogacz Pila
  • Hunting Associations Foka Kolobrzeg

We cooperate with the best, tested many times hunting areas in Poland,
thanks to it our customers have the possibility of gaining the most interesting trophies.

Contact us if you want more information and would like us to create an individual offer for you, tailored to your hunting expectations and financial possibilities.

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