The fallow deer rut begins in mid-October (immediately after the end of the Red deer rut) and lasts until mid-November. Fallow deer are very skittish animals and it is extremely rare to hunt them outside the mating season. During rut the buck gathers a group of does (5-8 animals), which he keeps for a period of about 2 weeks, if not chased away by another buck. During this time fallow buck is even more combative than Red stag, but due to the shape of the antlers, fallow bucks fights rarely end in tragedy. October is the best time to hunt, so book your hunt in advance to be able to live a very expressive hunt and get a great trophy.

  • Hunting period in Poland lasts from September 1st to the end of February.
  • In October you can combine hunting for fallow deer with Red stag, does and boars.
  • Recommended hunting time: 2-3 days

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  • Hunting Association Bory Krajenskie
  • OHZ Poddebice
  • OHZ  PZŁ Kujan
  • Forest Inspectorate OHZ Podanin
  • Forest Inspectorate OHZ Lutowko

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