Red Deer hunting is one of the most exciting hunting experiences you can live in Poland and the rutting season is the best time to win a great trophy that will satisfy every hunter.

The rutting season is the Red deer mating season, it begins in early September and ends a month later – in mid-October. During the rut, the Red stag and the hinds look for each other. Males lead groups of does, make sure that none of them leaves the herd and that another buck doesn’t get to them. However, if another male enters the herd, a fight takes place, the winner takes control of the herd and the loser escapes. The rut is also a time when the Red stag cease to be careful and compete for the does all day long. This gives to the hunter a chance to get great trophies. Hunts organized by our agency have been popular among customers for many years. We care not only about the selection of the best hunting districts, but also about a comprehensively organized hunting event with a high level of accommodation and professional service. Please contact us for details!

  • The hunting period in Poland lasts from August 21st to the end of February.
  • In September you can combine hunting for Red stag with Roe buck and boars.

Hunting areas:

For hunting for Red deer we recommend following areas:

  • Hunting Association  Safari Tuczno
  • Hunting Association  Diana  Wolsztyn
  • Hunting Association  Szarak Lubiszyn
  • Hunting Association Żubr Szczecin
  • Hunting Association  Darz Bór Milicz
  • Hunting Association Szarak Warszawa
  • Hunting Association  Dąb Rogowo
  • Hunting Association  Jeleń Chojna
  • Hunting Association  Knieja Witnica
  • Hunting Association  Trop Szczecin
  • Hunting Association  Sokół Szczecin
  • Hunting Association  Tumak Świnoujście
  • Hunting Association  Wilk Koszalin
  • Hunting Association  Diana Sulechów
  • Hunting Association  Rogacz Piła
  • Nadleśnictwo Hajnówka
  • OHZ Przedbórz
  • Hunting Association  Żuławy Elbląg
  • Hunting Association  Cyranka Trzcińsko-Zdrój

We cooperate with the best, tested many times hunting areas in Poland,
thanks to it our customers have the possibility of gaining the most interesting trophies.

Write to us if you want more information and would like us to create an individual offer for you, tailored to your hunting expectations and financial possibilities.

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