Hunting season for birds inPoland:


  • cocks – from October 1st until the end of February
  • hens – on areas OHZ only from October 1st until January 31st.

We organize collective hunting for pheasants and individual hunting with a dog. Take your dog to hunting training, arrange hunting with us!!

We cooperate with hunting places where wild, natural, non-farmed pheasants live.


  • from September 11th until October 21st.

We organize partridge hunts in central and southern Poland. We work with the best, proven areas where wild partridges live.

Hunting for partridges is not easy, because they are known for their excellent camouflage, so it is very important for a hunter to have a good hunting dog.

Plan and book your hunting trip with us.


  • from September 1st to December 21st.


  • from September 1st to December 21stin the following provinces: zachodniopomorskie, lubuskie, wielkopolskie and dolnośląskie – until January 31st.

There are several species of geese in Poland, but most of them are fleeting, they appear here seasonally. For geese lovers, we can offer hunting places near Gdansk and areas on the Oder, which are the best and most accessible places in our country.

  •  Recommended hunting time: 4-5 hunting days


We recommend hunting in the following areas:

  • PARTRIDGES HUNTING: hunting clubs around Kielce, Busko-Zdroj, Radomsko and Opoczno.
  • HUNTING FOR PHEASANTS WITH A DOG: hunting clubs around Kielce, Busko-Zdroj, Radomsko and Opoczno.
  • DUCK HUNTING: hunting clubs in the south of Poland.
  • GOOSE HUNTING: hunting clubs near Szczecin, on the Oder.

Have the possibility of gaining the most interesting trophies.

Contact us if you want more information and would like us to create an individual offer for you, tailored to your hunting expectations and financial possibilities.

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A hunter’s life is not measured by the number of breaths he takes each day, but by the number of hunts that make him lose his breath…
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