Most foreign hunters come to Poland at the beginning of May. This is when the roe buck hunting season is inaugurated. This is the first spring hunt of the season, so it allows you to admire the awakening nature. May dew, birds singing, the smell of a meadow, in these circumstances hunting becomes a great opportunity to get to know the charms of spring and experience an unforgettable hunting adventure… The choice of the hunting method depends on individual preferences of the hunter. We ALWAYS customize the type of hunting to your expectations and physical condition. Another equally good time for hunting for roe buck is the mating season, which falls on the turn of July and August depending on the location of the hunting place. Then the older animals are very active, thanks to which there is a very good chance to shoot interesting and often medal-winning roe buck.

  • The hunting period for roe buck  in Poland is from May 11th to September 30th.
  • In May and during the heat this can be combined with boar hunting and in September with red stag hunting.
  • Recommended hunting time: 3-4 days

Hunting areas:

For hunting for roe bucks we recommend following areas:

  • Hunting Association  Podlasie w Siedlcach
  • Hunting Association  Diana  Wolsztyn
  • Hunting Association  Szarak Lubiszyn
  • Hunting Club WKŁ Hubertus w Warszawie
  • Hunting Association  Darz Bór Milicz
  • Hunting Club WKŁ Jeleń w Regnach
  • Hunting Association  Kuropatwa Opoczno
  • Hunting Association  Tumak Świnoujście
  • Hunting Association  Żuławy Elbląg
  • Hunting Association  Dąb Rogowo
  • Hunting Association  Jeleń Chojna
  • Hunting Association  Knieja Witnica
  • Hunting Association  Cyranka Dęblin
  • Hunting Association  Cyranka Trzcińsko-Zdrój
  • Hunting Association  Wilk Koszalin
  • Hunting Association  Diana Sulechow
  • Hunting Association  Rogacz Pila
  • Hunting Association  Cietrzew Końskie
  • Hunting Association  Św. Eustachy w Gościeszowicach.

We cooperate with the best, tested many times hunting areas in Poland,
thanks to it our customers have the possibility of gaining the most interesting trophies.

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