Welcome to the new version of the Artemis Hunting Club website! It was created so that the image of the club reflects its development, possibilities and a new, wider hunting offer, as well in Poland and in Europe as in the world.

To make it easier for you to navigate on the website, we have clearly divided the offer into:
• Hunting in Poland
• Hunting in Europe
• Hunting in Africa
• Hunting in North America
• Fishing in Kamchatka.

One of the main goals of the introduced changes was also the willingness to present hunting reports, hunters’ opinions and trophies that WE HAVE GAINED DURING collective and individual hunting. In the new version of the website you will find full contact information and information about our activities on a regular basis (there will be constantly updated profiles on social media) and an extensive news section with a lot of interesting facts from the hunting sector and useful information.

You will also be able to see the results of our hunting in the gallery.
If there are any questions, I’m at your disposal!

Posted on: 01.06.2021 in category: From the life of Artemis

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